Organic Wood Roasted Coffee


Millars Organic Wood Roasted Coffee blends are barrel aged in 24 yr old Kentucky bourbon, oak barrels for a minimum of 30 days before they are roasted.  The amazing infused flavors are as remarkable as the process itself. 

Wholesale coffee beans are also available.

Roasting With Hardwoods

Artisan Practices

Millars Organic Wood Roasted Coffee roasts organically shade grown,  USDA certified green beans from around the globe. 

"USDA means we  believe in agricultural integrity, preserving plant and animal life, as well as minimizing pollution and the impact it has on our environment."

 It requires genuine dedication to gather wood, build the ideal fire and slowly roast coffee daily. 

"It's all a result of the true artisan spirit." 

Each day Millars Organic Wood Roasted Coffee, practices this unique tradition to create  a coffee experience like no other organic coffee company.