Wood Roasted Coffee

"Hardwoods like alder, cherry, and maple are used to infuse sweet and fruitful flavors with subtle smokiness."

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Roasting Coffee With Hardwoods

The Millar Family

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     We are a family owned and operated  coffee roasting company located in  rural Dole Valley, Washington, near Mt. Saint Helens.   Each day we set out on our wilderness property with the simple idea that there are great forces at work in this world that go beyond mass production.  We believe at Millars Wood Roasted Coffee that the best coffee should go beyond the bean.  The true inspired process of small batch quality defines our  journey as well as our artisan spirit .

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Lucia Blend  (Light Roast)

A medium light coffee with a buttery,

caramel, mellow body and

a nutty base. 

Espresso or drip.

Sunset Blend  (Medium Mixed Roast)

A medium multi colored coffee with a light

sweetness, deep toned acidity, and an overall

even body. 

Espresso or drip.


Moulton Blend  (Dark Roast)

A dark sweet and smokey coffee with

bold earthy overtones and a rich body. 

Espresso or drip


 Daybreak Decaf  (Medium Roast)

A medium coffee with a rich smokey,

yet clean finish.  Swiss water process. 

Espresso or drip  

Wood Roasted Blends$18.95 lb

Want to serve Millars Wood Roasted Coffee? 

Millars is a small true micro-roaster and works with an exclusive limited amount of wholesale customers.  We would love to hear about your project and passion and would like to discuss if it would be a good match for your venture using Millars handcrafted coffee. 

if you are selected to serve Millars wholesale bulk discounts may apply.

Each day, Millars uses wood as fuel to roast  grown beans on an antique, cast iron drum roaster, and combines the nuances of hand selected hardwoods to bring out the unique and complex flavors.   Millars pride themselves in finding a natural balance between the environment and hand crafted excellence.

Retail Sales

New Seasons

Fishers Landing Marketplace

2100b SE 164th Ave #101,

Vancouver, WA 98683
Phone:(360) 760-5005

Millars Coffee Blends are 18.95 per lb plus shipping


"A cup of  Millars Wood Roasted Coffee is the most unique and outstanding coffee you will ever drink."

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