A Time Honored Process

Millars Organic Syrup is slow cooked in antique copper kettles over an open flame.  We use only raw cane sugar which is superior to refined sugars.  The result is a thicker and richer pure flavor that will stand out in all applications.  We place special attention to small batch freshness by filling and capping each bottle by hand.  Millars Organic Syrup is certified USDA organic, vegan and Non-GMO.

 Wood Roasted Coffee

Millars Organic Syrup

Organic Madagascar Vanilla Bean Syrup

Millars Organic Madagascar Vanilla Bean Syrup is made from only the finest bourbon vanilla beans off the coast of Madagascar. Using Millars Organic Madagascar Vanilla Bean Syrup, will always insure nothing but the rich and decadent experience that you deserve!


Organic Kettle Cooked Caramel Syrup

Millars 100% Organic Caramel Syrup is made with handcrafted methods using copper kettles and pure cane sugar.  This extra fancy caramel syrup is exceptional when upscale baking, preparing  specialty coffee drinks or creating, fabulous signature  cocktails.